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We focus on law that affects real people and families

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A strong, skilled and steady hand

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(noun) /ˈɪn.saɪt - An accurate and deep understanding of a complicated problem or situation

Looking for professional legal advice in the Shoalhaven?

Insight Legal Solutions Nowra are experienced in all legal matters. Family Law, Criminal Law, Wills & Estates, Property Settlements, Divorce and Defence Force Legal Matters.

Why Choose Insight Legal Solutions?


    Its all in the name! We will listen to you and apply our experience and understanding of your situation to help you navigate your legal matter.


    We know legal issues don’t always fall into just one area of law and so we bring together our experience from a range of related areas to provide you with a holistic solution.  We also acknowledge other important influences on finalising your legal matter in a holistic way, such as your emotions and health.


    We are human – with families and hobbies of our own.  Whilst we are very professional in our approach to your legal matter, our firm has a friendly and relatable culture which we know will be of comfort to you.


    We always aim to settle matters early to keep costs low, reduce stress and retain as much amicability between parties as possible.  However, we will always remain strong advocates for your rights and needs.  The key is finding the right balance of strength and amicability suitable to your matter and we will do just that.


    The advice you get from us will be experienced, realistic and honest.  We want you to benefit long term and we will place value not only on your legal rights but also on your wellbeing, including reducing animosity, preserving relationships, minimising emotional distress and avoiding cost blow outs.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you for what you have done for my girls and I over the last 2 and a half years. Knowing I have full support and validation from a professional has helped in more ways than you can imagine. Attached are two photos of the kids you have helped protect today. You have helped them have stability, consistency and a happier world to live in.

SMParenting Matter

I would highly recommend Michala and her team. They are extremely professional and provided us with the most valuable support during our family court proceedings. We engaged Michala at an extremely stressful time in our lives and her empathy and approach to working with us could not be appreciated more. And in the end, Michala and her firm got us the best outcome we could imagine

AJParenting Matter

Ask us about our Defence Force Experience in all Legal Matters.


We know that reaching out to a solicitor can be daunting so we want our clients to know we are approachable, relatable and understanding

We are empathetic and sympathetic and we want our clients to feel comfortable knowing that we care about what they have to say and we will listen to them to help them achieve outcomes that are important to them.

With over 20 years combined experience in the industry, we have the knowledge, experience and insight that can assist you reach your legal solutions. Learn more about us

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