Criminal & Traffic Law

Being charged with a criminal offence or being a suspect can be overwhelming and stressful, particularly because so much can be at stake – your reputation, your rights, your livelihood and your liberty.

Selecting the right representation is crucial to ensuring your rights are protected, your pleas are based on sound advice and that your interests are properly advocated for in the Court environment.

Insight Legal Solutions have experienced advocates and empathetic advisors. We will take the time to listen to your needs and to prepare your matter to obtain the best outcome achievable.

Are you facing a drink driving charge?  We know that the loss of your driver’s licence would likely have a huge impact on you, your job and your family. The penalties can be severe and it is so important to get good advice early – is it open to the Court to not impose a conviction and therefore no licence disqualification? Is an interlock licence order available or appropriate? Are there underlying issues such as alcohol dependence or mental health that need to be addressed to satisfy the Court in relation to the risk of reoffending?  The highly experienced team at Insight Legal Solutions can advise you of the best way forward, liaise with the right authorities and services, and advocate for you in Court. It could make all the difference.

Are you accused of committing domestic violence? Here at Insight Legal Solutions, we can give you holistic advice about your charges, apprehended violence orders and the impact on any parenting disputes including negotiating parenting plans at Court.  Such a holistic approach ensures you do not prejudice your position in one legal arena because of your approach in another.  Both principal solicitors have received specific training in legal issues stemming from domestic violence and can ensure that you get comprehensive advice.

We can help you with matters such as:
  • Drink Driving
  • Traffic Offences & Licence Appeals
  • Assault
  • Domestic Violence Related Offences
  • Apprehended Violence Orders - AVO’s
  • Drug Charges
  • Sexual Assault
  • Dishonesty Offences - Theft, Fraud

We listen to what’s important to you and find the right solution.

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