Property Settlement

Every relationship is different in how property and money is managed.  Some people share all assets whilst other people keep assets separate; some people share information about their financial situation whilst others may know nothing at all.  When relationships break down, it is important that you know the full financial picture and understand what property settlement you may be entitled to.

What you’re entitled to will depend on the particular circumstances of your relationship and the property pool that exists.

Some important things to consider are

  1. What is the property pool?  This includes not just assets but also superannuation and debts too!
  2. What did each party have at the start?
  3. What did each party contribute during the relationship?  This can be financial and non-financial, such as being the primary homemaker and carer of children!
  4. What did each party contribute after the separation?
  5. What is each party’s future needs?
  6. What is just and equitable?

These are all things that the law tells us to take into consideration when determining a property settlement.  Our experience means that can work out what your entitlements are, what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting go!

After a process of disclosure, we can assist you with negotiating a reasonable settlement.  If an agreement can be reached, we will document that agreement for you to ensure you and your family are protected from any future claims.  This can be done without physically stepping into a court room!

However, if an agreement cannot be reached, we can file a Court application for your and guide and represent you through that process.

To find out more about your entitlements, make an initial consultation with us today.

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