Wills & Estate Planning

If you want to make life easy for your loved ones when you’re sick and when you pass, ensuring you have the right legal documents in place is so important.

At Insight Legal Solutions, we can help you put in place your Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian documents which will help your family and friends make decisions about your health and finances if you are too unwell to do this yourself, avoiding the need to involve tribunals.

We can also help you ensure your assets are appropriately dealt with when you die by ensuring your Will suits the specific requirements of you and your family.

We can also help with drafting your Will.  Sure, you could go grab a Will kit, but things aren’t always that simple.  We can provide you with better peace of mind by ensuring you receive individualised advice regarding blended families, notional estate addbacks, possible tax implications, family provision claims, testamentary trusts, special disability trusts, superannuation, government benefits and much more.

We can also help you manage the deceased estate of a loved one by guiding you through the legal process for probate and estate administration/distribution.  We can also assist you negotiate and defend any family provision claims made against the estate by eligible persons.

Contact Insight for sound legal advice on the following areas:
  • Wills
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Enduring Guardian
  • Probate and Estate Administration
  • Family Provision Claims
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Special Disability Trusts
  • Superannuation Binding Death Nominations

Getting to know you and your issues is at the heart of what we do.

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