Separating from your spouse is almost always hard. Dealing with the legal issues arising from the separation can be even harder. At Insight Legal Solutions, we want to empower you with the knowledge you need to understand your rights and make informed decisions about your future. We want to lighten your mental load by advocating for you, mediating for you, negotiating for you and settling your matter for you.

Are you wanting to leave, or have recently left, a relationship but you’re not sure on where you stand regarding a property settlement?  An initial consultation with us will give you an understanding of how family law principles regarding contributions and future needs will apply to your circumstances and give you an idea of what property settlement you may achieve.  We can explain how a legally binding settlement can save you expenses, such as stamp duty, and prevent claims against you or your estate in the future.  We will then represent you throughout the disclosure and negotiation process and advocate for you in Court if a suitable settlement cannot be reached.

Are you experiencing difficulties coming to an appropriate post-separation parenting arrangement with the other parent of your children?  We can advise you on what arrangements are suitable in your circumstances, taking into account a range of considerations such as the age of your children,  views expressed by your children, the capacity of each parent to provide for your children’s needs, and risk of harm factors including family violence and drug and alcohol abuse.  We can help you mediate a suitable arrangement or we can represent you and your children’s interests in the Court.

Our extensive experience means we can assist with all types of matters, from simple consent matters relating to property and children to litigating heavily disputed parenting matters and complex property matters in the Court.

Family law is not black and white but you can be assured that we will listen to you and help you articulate and achieve what is important to you.  Whilst our first goal is to achieve amicable and quick resolutions, we are also very experienced negotiators and Court advocates.

We will fight for your best interest whilst providing you with realistic advice that will protect your legal interest but also benefit you long term in regards to emotional stress and legal costs.

We can help you with a range of family law issues including, but not limited to:
  • Relocation Applications
  • Airport Watchlist Applications
  • Child Support
  • Pre-Nups & Other Binding Financial Arrangements
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Grandparents (and other family) Rights

Helping people through hardship and adversity is what drives us.

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