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Living as part of the Australian Defence Force is a fulfilling career choice for many Australians and it comes with unique opportunities and benefits. Understanding the ADF lifestyle makes an enormous difference to offering quality, tailored advice for even the most ‘normal’ of legal activities like an amicable family law settlement, drink driving offence or Wills and estate planning.

As spouses of long-serving members of the ADF, and as Accredited Specialists in family law, Insight Legal’s principal solicitors Michala and Lucinda both have the specific knowledge and skills to make sure that, as a serving member of the Australian Defence Force, you can receive a holistic legal service.

Being prepared with Wills and Estate planning

Preparing a Will is a service provided by the ADF to all personnel and is usually done as a cadet in ADFA and popped away, not to be thought of again. However, it’s important to revisit your Will and other estate planning matters at various stages throughout your life. The relevance of your documents can be impacted by many factors including marriage, separation, children and postings. Wills and estate planning is a process that should be undertaken together with a life partner, particularly once children are involved. A Will that was suitable for a cadet starting out in the military is not suitable for a family and it is important to make sure not only you but your spouse have all the right documents in place.

Power of Attorney for Defence members

Power of Attorney is another important consideration for Defence personnel. Often, powers of attorney are not thought about until a person is approaching old age but, for those in Defence, it has a larger purpose.

When away for months on deployment, it is important for a partner or family member to be able to look after any financial management required, from paying bills to buying property. Trying to manage situations like this from afar without the support of a power of attorney fast becomes unworkable. Insight Legal can assist you put the right documents in place.

Separation, divorce and parenting

In situations of family breakdown, parenting for Defence families can be complex given the impacts of postings and necessary relocations. The particulars of a Defence member’s situation is unique, often requiring us to think outside of the box of “normal” family law situations.

ADF property settlements also require specialist knowledge, which we have at Insight Legal Solutions, regarding:

  • how the defined benefit superannuation funds offered to ADF members are valued, characterised in a property division and impacted by splitting orders;
  • What employee benefits you have, how they work and how they are impacted by separation. For example medical discharge pensions, rental allowances, mortgage and homeowner assistance schemes, retention bonuses and posting allowances.

All of these factors can impact your property settlement and we ensure they are appropriately considered.

A bonus is that Family Law is a federal jurisdiction and with the assistance of modern technology we can assist ADF personnel nationwide. We are currently servicing ADF clients in Queensland, Victoria, the ACT and NSW.

Traffic & Criminal Matters

Being involved in a traffic or criminal matter is daunting at the best of times but we understand that for military personnel there are additional concerns given the internal disciplinary processes a member may also be subject to. Our insight into the impact of your legal matter on your employment, and vice versa, will assist you in obtaining the best holistic solution.

At Insight Legal Solutions, we are committed to providing a quality service tailored to Australian Defence Force members. We understand the expectations and responsibilities placed on Defence personnel and we want to support you.

Get in touch today about your family law matters and make the most of our 10% discount for Defence members.